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Web Development

Web development services support the creation of all varieties of websites and provide a positive online experience.

For high conversion and adoption rates, RI-YA GROUPS designs, redesigns, and provides ongoing support for enterprise and customer-facing websites.


Digital Marketing

Online marketing services provided by RIYA-GROUPS are dynamic, adaptable, and full-service digital marketing agencies that don't rely on deception to attract new customers. Instead, we rely on our website's search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing abilities to bring in more visitors.



We provide real estate services to handle all of your realty requirements, including marketing, selling, and purchasing as well as legalizing, approvals, and construction.

Own One

Construction & Architecture

We provide direct access to a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists who provide consulting services in preparatory work, building design, and construction management, as well as construction supervision and maintenance work, to our clients.


About Us

The culture and standards of RI-YA GROUPS are fundamental to its success. To ensure that both our clients and staff are happy with their advancement, we uphold a strong corporate culture based on our basic values. We aim for all employees to have access to a fulfilling workplace.


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Happy Clients

Associate Partners


Data Tech

Our Services


Get professional shots capture by the stunning passionate experts

Graphic Designing

An expert who Love's | Admire | Creative will sculpture you


Get the best video shot done by the experts Premium Quality Shoot

Video emend

Get the best video shot done by the experts Premium Quality Shoot

Our Products

Human resource management

HRM plays a crucial role in supporting the overall strategy and goals of an organization

Customer Relationship Management

Manage and maintain all your business need and resources in one place

Our Strategies

Research & Analytics

We research and analysis
How to Build Your Business Empire

Business Strategies
Plan Your Business Setup Your Business Market Yourself Build Trust Build Empire Organize Revenue

Business Ideas

We will Take Care Of Setting up Your Business

Competitional Marketing

Know How to Reach Your Goal Set For Your Business in
Short Period Of Time

Business Growth

We will Plan For your Business Growth for you ROI

Business Standardizing

Making your business towards the term SINCE
Short Period Of Time

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